Wildlife Junkie

With Spring in the Air, it seems the fish are now thawing out after a pretty brutal winter. Here are some pics from some of the trips during March 2010. When out one day with my buddy Capt. Erick VanDeMark ( www.GhostHunterCharters.com ), got on some Reds and Trout. Didn’t get many pics as the sky was mostly overcast.

Then got out with my buddy Jose (aka JoeGutz ). We went in search of Snook we didn’t find many but we found some of them. We also got our limit on trout and had a killer fish fry.






I saw a bunch of these birds flying around. I took a allot of pics of them but they were kind of far. This was the only pic that came out decent. If I am not mistaken I think its a split tail hawk, I may be a Wildlife Junkie but definitely not a Wildlife Expert. Anyway, they looked really kool.

Split Tail Hawk


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